Everyone has them.The shaming voices that talk to us inside our head. The ones that constantly compare our insides with the outsides of others. Mine casually whisper things like...

"You'll never be as pretty as she is."
"Why can't you get your life together like her?"

or, on bad days,

"No one really wants you to be here, they're just tolerating you
and pretending to be your friend."
"You aren't worth of taking up space in this world."

One of the greatest things I gained in recovery is the ability to TALK BACK! These voices lie to me all day long. They are the voices of shame that I have picked up throughout my life. Some I can directly connect to an experience or an outside voice. Some I can't. But wherever they came from, I listened long enough that they became my own voice, my own internalized shame, my faulty core beliefs about myself and the world around me.

Beginning March 15, the Worth Recovery podcast will be discussing how to TALK BACK to these voices inside us. We will be discussing how to strategically shut them down and designing a personal program to begin the change process. Then, in April, we will execute our plans for 30 days! 30 days of TALKING BACK!

Are you willing to accept the challenge? Are you ready to start to change the way you talk to yourself?

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30 Days of Talking Back!
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