Are you ready to Ignite your Recovery?

You've decided you want your life to be different. Really different. You've decided that you can't continue in your addiction. Maybe you don't want to to even admit that you might have an addiction, especially a sex addiction. I definitely didn't want to. However, I knew something had to change. Something really big had to change.

It's not like I hadn't wanted change or desired change in the past. Many times I begged the universe to take this away from me. I moved, changed jobs, broke up, and started over many, many times, desperately trying to to make massive shifts and transitions in my life. My journey has taught me this important lesson:

However strong the spark for change, sparks alone are not enough.

In order to ignite and catch fire, sparks need fuel, something to latch onto to stay alive. They need food, material, encouragement, and nourishment. What I needed was fuel and LOTS of it! Once I figured that out and found the right combination of fuel for my own life, my recovery caught fire and I've never looked back!

Igniting Recovery

Igniting Recovery is a 28-day group coaching program to fuel the spark of change inside you. Based on my own experiences in recovery as well as the 18+ years I have been teaching, writing curriculum, and coaching educators, I have designed this 4 week program to support you in laying a solid foundation on which you can build your recovery.

Each day offers an opportunity for you to learn about a new topic in recovery. This happens using a three step process:

  1. Explore: Where you are reading, watching, or listening, there is an opportunity for you to learn about and explore the new topic.
  2. Apply: Knowledge is not power. Application of knowledge is power. Each day has a way for you to decide how to apply this knowledge in your own recovery.
  3. Share: Experts have proven that change is most successful if you TALK about or SHARE it with someone else. This group setting allows you the opportunity to share with other women engaged in the same work.

These topics have been intentionally and purposefully selected to build on each other as you go through the program.

Week One
  • Igniting Recovery - Preparation
  • Choosing Bottom
  • Your First Line of Defense - Defining Your Why
  • Utilizing Your Strengths
  • Living in Recovery
  • Living at My Best
  • Avoiding Extremes
Week Three
  • Pillar Two: Establishing Support
  • PIllar Two: 12-Step Fellowship Programs
  • Pillar Two: Learning to Trust Yourself Again
  • Pillar Three: Defining Connection
  • Pillar Three: Connection On Demand
  • Pillar Three: Evaluating Connection
  • Pillar Three: The Courage For New Connection
Week Two
  • The Four Pillars of a Recovery Program
  • Evaluating Your Current Program
  • Pillar One: Leveling Your Behavior & Defining Relapse
  • Pillar One: Your Relapse Contract
  • Pillar One: Your Trigger Release Process
  • Pillar One: Daily Diligence
  • Pillar Two: Developing Accountability
Week Four
  • Pillar Four: The 12 Steps of Recovery
  • Pillar Four: Finding a Sponsor
  • Pillar Four: The Power of Story
  • Pillar Four: Beginning Step 1
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Reflection: What have I learned?
  • Moving Forward: The Next 30 Days

As a group coaching participant, you get:

  • Daily emails with topic information and materials.
  • Access to exclusive, hidden Igniting Recovery Facebook group to help connect and share with others.
  • Weekly bonus Live Q&A sessions with group members.
  • One 30-minute Phone or Skype personal coaching session with Amy to discuss your 30 day plan going forward.
  • Lifetime access to all of the course materials and Facebook group.

Special Introductory Pricing:

Regular Price: $297.00

Start Date: July 10, 2016
Seats available: 10


What others are saying….

From a fellow traveler:

After acknowledging that I had an addiction and needed help, I realized that there were several components that I needed in order to make progress. I had a great therapist, got into a women's 12 step fellowship and found my incredible recovery coach, Amy. She has modeled what healthy boundaries look like, what rigorous honesty means, how to work the steps, and most importantly, that I am worth recovery! I am so grateful to have the insight, experience and knowledge that Amy brings as I walk this road of recovery. -- Camille

From a clinical professional:

As a licensed therapist and a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT), the coaching Amy provides allows clients to gain stability, sobriety and accountability in their recovery. This allows me to do the deeper work in therapy, assisting clients in gaining and maintaining long term recovery. I highly recommend Amy as a recovery coach and have found the combination of a recovery coach and therapy has truly benefited the clients I work with. -- Jackie

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