Episode 186: Engage Discipline

woman sitting on beach in yoga pose with text overlay Worth Recovery Episode 185 Engage Discipline

What role does Discipline play in your recovery?  Do you need more discipline in order to get where you want to be? In this episode, Amy discusses the three types of discipline needed for recovery – Preventative, Supportive, and Corrective.  She offers tools and help for each type for your to implement in your personal…

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Episode 183: Holding Space

The longer I’ve been a coach and therapist, the more I realize recovery has a whole vocabulary all it’s own!  I use words people have never heard or analogies most have never heard of.  So many times people ask me to define certain ideas, concepts, or words and want to know how it might work.…

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Episode 182: Begin Again

Over and over, we begin again. I believe the practice of beginning again is one of the single most significant gifts you can give yourself.  This is the work of recovery.  After several months of no new episodes and a few years of false starts and on and off again engagement, I begin again.  Isn’t…

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Episode 176: Models of Addiction

Model of human brain in light blue plastic

For decades we’ve been viewing addiction through the disease lens.  Before that, it was a moral failing.  What is next as we increase our knowledge and understanding about what addiction exactly is and how it starts in our lives? In this episode I share how my view of addiction has changed over time and how…

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Episode 175: Worth Reading – ”Ready to Heal”

copped photo of book cover of Ready to Heal

Worth Reading is a series of podcasts where I share my review of books that have had meaning to me throughout the recovery process. Today I reflect on “Ready to Heal: Breaking Free of Addictive Relationships” by Kelly McDaniel.  Kelly does a beautiful job explaining some of the unique considerations that need to be made…

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Episode 174: Long Term Recovery

In December 2021, I celebrated my 9 year sobriety anniversary.  Wow!  9 Years Sober!  One of my clients asked me, what has changed in my life since becoming sober?  In this episode I share my top 10 changes in my life with longer term sobriety and recovery.  I hope this helps you think about where…

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Episode 173: Leveling Up

Evolution is a necessary part of life.  As we grow and change, it is necessary to reevaluate our recovery and our life.  Our beliefs, practices, thinking patterns and perspectives need to change and keep up with our growth. In this episode I discuss how evolution happens and how we can evaluate our recovery to level…

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Episode 172: Implementation Framework

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2022! After a long hiatus of podcasting, I’m at it again.  January is my favorite month of the year.  I simply LOVE New Year’s, and every year make a major plan with goals, accountability charts, and even a PowerPoint presentation for motivation! In this episode, we explore how to implement…

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Episode 170: Motivation

Motivation…. how do you get it? how do you keep it?  how do you refuel it?  This is one of the most common questions I get!  So in this episode I share with you my ideas on how to find and keep motivation.  I spell out a three part plan and share some of my…

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