Episode 080: All In?

All In: Episode Notes

In this episode I share with you a recent revelation I have had about my life. I’m holding back. I’m not ALL IN! Of course, this isn’t the case in all areas of my life – but it is in some significant places. This recent realization drove me to consider the areas of my life where I am ALL IN. One of those areas is my recovery. I am ALL IN with my recovery! Are you? Are the 1 in 18 that will stay long term in recovery?

Links mentioned in the episode:
12-Step Statistics
Does AA Really Work?
Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?
Dr. Patrick Carnes on Sex Addiction


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Homework: Comment below and let me know where you are listening from and if you are committing to be ALL IN for your recovery!


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    1. recoveringamy

      Awesome! You inspire me Shannon!

  1. Lindsey

    All in dear Amy! From Seattle and SO grateful for Recovery and you!

    1. recoveringamy

      Yay!! Thanks Lindsey! So grateful for you as well!

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