Episode 081: All In Distractors

Continuing our discussion on being ALL IN, I share with you my big three distrator behaviors! These are behaviors that prevent me (and probably you) from being ALL IN in our recovery journeys. These behaviors sneak into our lives, they aren’t always exactly apparent. They are hard to see and sometimes the behavior itself prevents us from getting the true reflection of what we are doing. If we aren’t making the progress we want in recovery – if we aren’t getting the traction we need – we have some distractor behaviors going on in our lives! Let’s figure it out!

Distractor #1: Spreading Out The Truth

Distractor #2: Green Grass Syndrome

Distractor #3: The Implementation Dip


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Homework: List three of your major distraction behaviors that prevent you from being ALL IN in your recovery. Then share that list with one of your recovery partners! And share it with me below!!


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