Episode 087: What Will My Legacy Be?

Finding motivation and inspiration to stay in recovery is important. Those sources change as our recovery journey changes. Lately, as I’ve been working through grief and watching my mother slowing deteriorate, new motivation and inspiration has come from an unexpected source. Listen as I share my current source of courage and bravery.


— Worth Recovery has welcomed Shannon to our team who will be blogging her recovery journey with us.  You can view her thoughts at: www.worthrecovery.com/blog

— Intentional Recovery: Healing Happens On Purpose – is happening in Seattle, WA this July!  More information and registration can be found at: www.worthrecovery.com/events

Action Items for Today:

Evaluate the legacy you are leaving for those you interact with. Are there things that need to end with you? Make a plan. Are there things that are starting with you? Awesome – make a plan.


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