Episode 163: Women’s Stories Series – Rosario

I love having guests on the podcast. I love it even more when they are women sharing their own recovery journey.  Rosario is a brave young woman sharing her battle with sex and love addiction.  She discusses her struggle with religion and relationships.  She shares how bad it got and what made it better.  She talks about how self-compassion is the way she started to find healing and what her recovery looks like today.  

I’m on a journey to share as many women’s stories as I can during the rest of 2020!  Do you want to share your story?  It doesn’t matter where you are in your recovery journey – at the beginning or many years in – your story is important and can make a huge difference for people.  I’d love to have you on the podcast!  Reach out! amy@worthrecovery.com and let’s make it happen!

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