Episode 181: Can’t vs. Won’t

white woman laying on side in bed with pillow wrapper around ears

Do you feel stuck?  Sometimes, during my 10 year sobriety journey, I have felt very stuck and very upset about being stuck.  In this episode, I talk about how sometimes we keep ourselves stuck.  Not all the time, but sometimes we are our worst enemy in what we are willing to do for our own…

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Episode 177: Dimensions of Courtship, Part 1

photo of two long neck white birds with their heads near each other

The goal of sex addiction recovery isn’t sobriety.  Sobriety is a tool we use.  But the actual goal of sex addiction recovery is that you have amazing relationships! Relationships that bring renewal and energy to your life!  Relationships that fill you and become an asset to you.  These types of relationships require an understanding of…

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Episode 174: Long Term Recovery

In December 2021, I celebrated my 9 year sobriety anniversary.  Wow!  9 Years Sober!  One of my clients asked me, what has changed in my life since becoming sober?  In this episode I share my top 10 changes in my life with longer term sobriety and recovery.  I hope this helps you think about where…

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Episode 153: Leveling Your Behaviors

It’s a new year, it’s close to my sobriety anniversary, and it’s my birthday!  All these things happen within a few weeks of each other.  This provides a great opportunity to evaluate my “bottom line” behaviors, or my sobriety definition, or my Level 4 behaviors, or whatever it is that you call the things you…

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Episode 151: Recovery Evolution

As you evolve, everything in your life must evolve.  If your evolution during recovery doesn’t flow out to the other areas of your life, you could wake up one day and wonder what is going on?!?!  In this episode, I talk about some of the evolutions I’ve had to make in recovery and how they…

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