You are not alone!

One of the biggest ways to shed the shame of addiction and build hope is to hear the stories of other women who are in recovery and moving forward in their lives. Below are a few of the episodes of the Worth Recovery podcast featuring women telling their stories and sharing their experiences.

Amy's Story

In episode 000, Amy shares a bit of her recovery journey and the story of Worth Recovery. In a later episode, she reads her complete sexual addiction first step written in the early stages of recovery and talks about the value of a written first step.

Erica's Story

Erica Garza has great courage. In her memoir, Getting Off, she shares her journey through porn and sex addiction. In an interview with Erica, she tells a bit about her journey in writing her story as well as some of the lessons she learned.

Kristal's Story

What an amazing opportunity to have Kristal Garcia on the podcast! I was inspired by her radical self-love and forgiveness. I was challenged by her confidence and boldness. I was changed by her story. Every time I hear the story of another woman, a little piece of my heart heals. That was definitely the case here.

Lisa's Story

Continuing my work to get more and more women’s recovery stories out there – que Lisa. She is amazing. I was truly inspired by her compassion and empathy towards those she encountered on her road to recovery. I am honored to bring her story to you. Remember, when we share our story or hear the stories of others, a new piece in our own life heals. That was definitely the case with Lisa. I’m forever grateful for her willingness to share so much with us!

Rosario's Story

Rosario is a brave young woman sharing her battle with sex and love addiction. She discusses her struggle with religion and relationships. She shares how bad it got and what made it better. She talks about how self-compassion is the way she started to find healing and what her recovery looks like today.

Alice's Story

Alice Taylor is the author of “Restored: A Women’s Guide to Overcoming Pornography”, a book full of amazing, practical tools to help you in your recovery. She generously agreed to share her story with us as part of our Women’s Stories series. I’m grateful for her courage.

Joyce's Story

As a young month of 3, Joyce was faced with a difficult situation. She had been reported to Child Services as a neglectful parent. Fortunately for her and her children, the day they showed up to investigate the claim, she was baking cookies with her children. Listen as Joyce shares how that day and experience changed her life and how over 10 years later, she had to begin the battle of recovery over again.

Lee's Story

Lee was the first to share her story on the Worth Recovery podcast. In these episodes she talks about her addiction and details about her life in recovery and her recovery program.

Marueen's Story

As part of the first Worth Recovery event, Maureen shared her story and some of the lessons she has learned in recovery. As we focused on what it means to be engaged in the struggle, Maureen shares some of the big struggle moments of her life and her recovery.

Natalie's Story

Natalie’s story is one of trauma, tragedy, and extreme hope! I was honored to interview her and share her story with you!

Sally's Story

After years of childhood neglect, abuse and abandonment, Sally thought she had left that life behind when she got married young. Listen to her tell her story of how these things followed her into adulthood as she shares her addiction and the beginning of her recovery journey.

Shannon's Story

In a two-part interview, Shannon shares with us her experiences of addiction and recovery. Her recovery is an inspiration to all of us.

Staci's Story

Staci shared her story with the world though her memoir, Naked in Public. Her journey and experiences are shared over 3 episodes.

Women's Messages

At a women’s retreat with other women in recovery, Amy recorded messages from several of the attendees about their recovery journey and what they want to share with you – all the women in recovery throughout the world!

We Want to Hear Your Story!

Would you like to be on the podcast and share your experience in recovery? AWESOME! Send me a message and let me know you’re interested! I can’t wait to hear your story and share it with others.

Maybe you want to share your written story instead. AWESOME! Your stories are accepted in typed format in under 3,000 words emailed to Focus on what your life was like before recovery, what prompted you to get into recovery, and what your life is like now. Tell us about the progress you’re making, tips that you have, and what you’re still working on.

Every story we receive will be reviewed and as many as possible will be featured on the website. Let’s build a repository of women’s stories to support and lift each other! I can’t wait to hear from you!