If you want to feel better, go to meetings.

If you want to recover, work the steps.

– 12 step member

Spend the weekend with women in recovery!

I’ve been doing weekend retreats with the women in my fellowship circle for YEARS! Spending concentrated, dedicated time with women engaged in recovery has been such a crucial part of my own healing and forward momentum. In 2019 – I’m expanding the love! I hope you can join us!

How it Works:

These weekends are full of hope and healing. We rent a cabin in the mountains of rural Idaho with lots of space and beautiful mountain views. The schedule includes meditation and mindfulness activities and step-work sessions taught by other women in recovery.  The menu is planned and all the food brought in, but we take turns cooking and cleaning up. There will be downtime for you to write and reflect, as well as social times for you to talk and share and get to know each other. By the time the weekend is over you’ll have step work resources and new women for your support circle.


September 19 - 22, 2019

Women in every fellowship and every stage of recovery welcome! Check-in on Thursday afternoon. Join us for some mingling activities Thursday evening. Planned activities will end Sunday morning.

group of women 2


Bear Lake Ranch House & Barn
Ovid, Idaho

Approximately 2.5 hours north of Salt Lake City, this beautiful and isolated location provides an amazing backdrop of peace and serenity during our intensive weekend.

Cost: $135-$210

Costs vary by rooming choice and includes:
3 nights lodging
7 meals & snacks
10 hours of dedicated step work
Rooming choices range from twin to queen beds in shared or single rooms.


This weekend intensive is for you IF:

  • You want to jump-start your recovery step-work. 
  • You’ve become a little lazy in your step-work and want to re-engage. 
  • You’re ready to start sponsoring and you’re feeling like you need some additional resources. 
  • You’re thinking to yourself – I’m ready to work the steps again on these additional issues that I’m now facing.  
  • You want to spend a weekend with 18 AMAZING women who are all working on their recovery!

Weekend Schedule:


Arrive at the Ranch House anytime after 4 PM.  Dinner is on your own.  You can bring food to eat or eat on your way up.

7:30 – 9:00 PM – Get to know you activities in the Barn Conference Room.  


Optional morning activities including meditation and mindfulness exercises.


Step-Work Overview
Steps 1 and 2


Steps 3 and 4


Evening FUN activities and bonfire


Optional morning activities including meditation and mindfulness exercises.


Steps 5 and 6


Focused small work groups


Evening FUN activities and bonfire


Optional morning activities including meditation and mindfulness exercises.


Packing and cleaning for an 11 AM departure. 

Have some questions or need to discuss some concerns?   Send me a message below or give me a call at:  801.878.0160

Weekend Retreat Questions?