Worth Recovery

Worth Recovery is about dispelling shame and building hope in the lives of women working to to recover from addiction. Click on the images to learn more about the Podcast, Coaching and Events.


These episodes are filled with powerful personal stories of growth and triumph, great insights and ideas, and they contribute to the healing of this planet in a tremendous way. What an awesome tool to help dispel the stigma and prejudice around addiction! Thank you, Amy -- and may you be blessed to continue this great work!

-- Deb in WV

Finally, for women!

I've learned a lot from other podcasts by men and for men on the issue of sexual addiction, but I was SO happy to find Amy's Worth Recovery!! It is by a woman and for women!! It's a wonderful resource as it seems we are severely underrepresented when it comes to this topic. Keep up the great work, Amy!


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Many consider sex addiction something only men struggle with. The recovery communities that support sex addiction usually are male dominated. Yet - there are many women also struggling to maintain sobriety and find a recovery community that works for them.

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