People ask me all the time how I got sober, how I changed, how I made things happen in my life. Truth is recovery doesn’t happen alone or in isolation. We must seek and find help in order to live in recovery. The following resources have helped me and hundreds of thousands of others to find relief from addiction. The list is not comprehensive and includes some of my favorite and most helpful resources. If it is on the list – I’ve tried it out, read it, attended a meeting, or visited with the people. I don’t recommend something I haven’t tried myself. These are external resources and are not affiliates of Worth Recovery.

Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT)

Not all therapists are the same. If you believe you have a sexual addiction of some sort, be sure to seek out the help of those trained to treat sex addiction.  While a CSAT certification is not required, it is helpful and has made all the difference in therapy for me.

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