You are Worth Recovery!

Addiction can be a scary word.  Whether you struggle with sex, love, or relationship addiction, you are not alone!  Worth Recovery exists to support women in the recovery process from establishing sobriety to finding the right relationship!  If you’re ready for change, you’re in the right place!

Explore the website, attend an event, catch a podcast episode, join a coaching group, or share your story with us. We recover together!

Are you ready to fully engage in recovery?

Addiction is awful and scary. It is isolating, discouraging, and sometimes debilitating. It leaves individual lives and sometimes whole families in its destructive wake.

Even the word, addiction, feels sticky in my mouth. And yet, not really understanding all the forces at work, we keep acting out. We resort to our addiction time and time again, needing an escape, needing something or someone to make it, whatever IT is, go away… if only for a few minutes.

I know because I’m a sex addict and I lived spent decades of my life acting out, caught in addictive cycles.  And for the last 13 years I've been living a total different life - a life of Recovery.

Recovery is possible. Changing your story is possible.

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Let's Work Together


Individual Coaching

Let’s work one-one-one to develop the awareness and tools you need to move your recovery forward.  Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or feel ready to deepen your recovery, let’s talk about your next steps.  Schedule a connection call to find out if coaching is the right fit for you!

The Worth Circle

The Worth Circle is a free online Facebook group that allows you to strengthen your network of support and engage in deeper levels of recovery.  Ask questions, access resources, and connect with others!  The moderated group is full of women who want recovery – just like you!

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Sponsor Academy

There is such a need for great female sponsors in all of the 12-step groups.  Whether you attend SLAA, SAA, SA, or SRA, this online course will give you the skills you need to help other women find recovery, just like you. Launching September 2024, get on the list to be the first to sign up!

Recovery is something you have to do for yourself,
but not by yourself!

When I started recovery in 2011, I felt very alone as a woman.  Nearly all resources and research on sex, love, and relationship addiction were done by men and for men.  A woman’s experience differs in important ways.  If you have felt like recovery has been out of reach, maybe it’s because you’ve been missing a woman’s perspective.  Worth Recovery is here to provide that perspective!

You are worth recovery! 100% worth it!