"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Recovery Coaching opens our minds to new ways of thinking
in order to learn new ways of being.

Recovery Coaching Is:

Have you ever wondered what recovery coaching is or does? Explore the topics to the right and get your questions answered.

Life feels really hard right now. You feel cemented down as you try to make the changes you want. You need someone in your corner, someone supporting and encouraging you through the struggle. A recovery coach is your teammate, offering confidence and reassurance while holding you accountable to your goals.

Your life is spinning in the chaos and unmanageability your addiction has created. You need things to change, but you’re struggling to see outside of the day-to-day crisis. Recovery coaching helps you stabilize your life with tools to help you identify and stop the patterns of escape and addiction.

You have a sense, deep down, of what needs to change. You see who and what you want to become. You just don’t know how to make it happen or how to get there. Recovery coaching provides you with options to help you realize where YOU want to be. You make the goals and, together, we build a plan on to get there.

You need real solutions you can implement right now. Maybe getting sober is your biggest need. Maybe you’re going through a transition where you need extra support. Maybe you feel stuck and are hitting a wall in your recovery progress. Coaching is a great way to get extra support, guidance and options while you navigate the here and now.

The duality of your life has caused you to doubt your value as a human being. You’re struggling against the shame you hide every day. Recovery coaching focuses on your strengths and solidifies your sense of self. “We all deserve to do this work from a place of strength.” -Jonathan Taylor

After acknowledging that I had an addiction and needed help, I realized that there were several components that I needed in order to make progress. I had a great therapist, got into a women’s 12 step fellowship and found my incredible recovery coach, Amy. She has modeled what healthy boundaries look like, what rigorous honesty means, how to work the steps, and most importantly, that I am worth recovery! I am so grateful to have the insight, experience and knowledge that Amy brings as I walk this road of recovery.


Sober over 2 years

Recovery Coaching with Amy Provides:

Goals & Accountability

Recovery is your job. You are 100% in charge. But with sobriety, boundaries, co-dependency, co-addictions, trauma, betrayal, faulty core beliefs, work, family, relationships?!?!?! Where do you start? Recovery can feel overwhelming with the need to make progress on so many fronts!!

My job is to guide you through the goal setting process by assessing immediate needs and working with you to create a plan to get you there. I hold you accountable to the plan you create so you can break through delusion, obstacles, and self-sabotage.

The women I work with get crystal clear on who they are, the things they need to change, and how to make it happen!

Rituals & Routines

As you peel back your addictive behavior you’ll need to establish rituals and routines that work FOR you in recovery. How do you understand, interpret, and process emotion? How do you regulate yourself even when those around you are coming undone? What do you do when you’re activated by life going on around you and feel the urge to act out?

As your coach, it is my job is to help you develop and establish rituals and routines that provide off-ramps on the road of addictive behavior. We will work on your emotional intelligence and skill-set to help you move through emotion and not get stuck. In the process, you’ll learn that you can’t control the emotion that comes into your life. All you can control is how you respond to it.

Connection & Support

So much comfort and relief come from the words: “I’ve done that.” Shame falls away when we learn that we are not alone in our thoughts and actions. Addictive and compulsive behavior recoil from connection and support.

We might not have done EXACTLY the same thing as addicts and that doesn’t mean, I haven’t been there or thought that. My job is to show you that comparison is the enemy of connection and that to get the deep connection you are searching for, you must have the courage to show up authentically. We will practice together and learn to be more relational.

As a licensed therapist and a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT), the coaching Amy provides allows clients to gain stability, sobriety and accountability in their recovery. This allows me to do the deeper work in therapy, assisting clients in gaining and maintaining long term recovery. I highly recommend Amy as a recovery coach and have found the combination of a recovery coach and therapy has truly benefited the clients I work with.

Jackie Pack

CSAT-Supervisor, Healing Paths, Inc.

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