The Worth Recovery Podcast began February 2, 2016.  Hosted by Amy Smith, the founder of Worth Recovery, the podcast covers topics addiction and recovery related, including a series on the 12 steps of recovery as well as interviews with other women in recovery from sex addiction.  New 25-minute episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday.

Recent Episodes:

Episode 098: Intentional Recovery

Healing happens on purpose.  In this episode, Amy shares the year she became intentional about her recovery.  It is easy to float along in recovery, trying different things, dipping our toes into many options and moving on before we see results.  It is also easy to keep doing things out of habit but not really evalutating to see if the action is having the intented impact.  Learn how to be more intentional as well as more about our event in Seattle this summer.

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Episode 097: Living In The In-between

So much of living in recovery is living in the in-between times: the time from where we were to where we want to be.  Whether it's the space between denial and awareness, the space between addiction and sobriety, the space between feeling lost and feeling direction, these in-between times make up so much of our lives.  These spaces are places of extreme, hope and despair, love and loss, forward and backward movement, pull and push.  How do we live there?  How do we find the courage and patience to stay in recovery during these times?  In this episode, Amy talks about the three major lessons she has learned living in the in between and three tools that help you move forward!

Episode 96: Step 9 – It Works When I Work It

Continuing the journey through the 12 steps, Amy concludes the discussion of Step 9 with this episode:  It Works When I Work It.  The SAA Green Book guides us through a 5 step process in how we actually go about making amends for the wrongs we have done.  In this episode, Amy discusses this process and gives examples from her own experiences.  Cleaning up the wreckage of our past is essential in order to move forward with a solid foundation.  

Episode 095: Spiritual Healing, Part 1

So much of recovery is a healing process. Healing of mind, body, and spirit. The SA White Book tells us that healing has to come about in three areas of our lives - emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual healing. I recently was able to prepare some thoughts for a women's retreat about spiritual healing. As I studied and prepared, so many things went through my head. In the next few episodes, I will take some time to share some of my own process of spiritual healing.

Episode 093: Step 9 – Types of Amends

Are you tired of saying you're sorry?  Picking back up the series on the 12 steps of Recovery, Amy continues the discussion on Step 9:  Made direct amends whenever possible, expect when to do so would injure them or others.  Making amends is more than just apologies or saying we are sorry.  It takes a complete attitude change.  Listen to Amy share a portion of that changed attitude and how to approach amends from a helpful place.

Episode 092: Every 28 Days – The Cycles In Our Lives

Everything in our physical world around us cycles. Weather, plants, and animals are just a few of the things that cycle. It makes sense then, that our own physical bodies would cycle as well. I'm not just talking about that time of the month, though I am including that. In this episode I share a bit about my own physical cycles and learning the importance of listening to our bodies.

Action Items:

  1. Begin tracking your monthly cycle and listening to the clues your body is giving you.
  2. Think bigger or smaller -- what other cycles do you go through physically and how are they effecting your life?

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