The Worth Recovery Podcast began February 2, 2016.  Hosted by Amy Smith, the founder of Worth Recovery, the podcast covers topics addiction and recovery related, including a series on the 12 steps of recovery as well as interviews with other women in recovery from sex addiction.  New 25-minute episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday.

Recent Episodes:

Episode 108: Letting Go of Expectations

Expectations control our entire life. The way we behave and feel about ourselves is mostly driven by the hidden expectations that run our lives.  In the continuation of the Letting Go series, Amy tells about her experiences with understanding expectations and shares three important principles she has learned about letting go of the expectations that were running her life before recovery.

Episode 107: Broadening Our World View

In this episode, Amy shares some personal news and discusses how our experiences can help to broaden our view and drive us to connect with others. Sometimes, we instead, choose to pull away and isolate from others when things happen. However, allowing our experiences to broaden our view instead of narrow it, is part of living a full life in recovery.

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