Episode 126: The Courage to Reach Out

I have been so touched recently by how many of you have reached out asking questions or wanting to connect.  It is hard to reach out!  It is hard to ask for help.  In this episode, I share emails from two recent listeners wanting some connection and help.  Are you wanting connection and help? Reach out!  Let’s start connecting!

Episode links:

Episode 42: Slips & Falls, Part 1, https://worthrecovery.com/ep-042-slips-and-falls-part-1/

Episode 44: Slips & Falls, Part 2, https://worthrecovery.com/ep-044-slips-falls-part-2/

Slip Autoposy Worksheet, https://worthrecovery.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/SlipAutopsy.pdf


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