Episode 165: Women’s Stories Series: Kristal

What an amazing opportunity to have Kristal Garcia on the podcast! I was inspired by her radical self-love and forgiveness. I was challenged by her confidence and boldness. I was changed by her story.  Every time I hear the story of another woman, a little piece of my heart heals. That was definitely the case…

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Episode 067: Step 8 – Forgiveness

Episode 67 - Step 8 Forgiveness

Concluding the discussion on step 8, Amy shares one of the most influential experiences she has heard about forgiveness. Using the experience of Corrie ten Boom related in her book “The Hiding Place”, Amy shares why forgiveness is something we continually practice. And just as essential as forgiving others is learning and practicing forgiving ourselves.…

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Episode 061: Step 8 – It Works When I Work It

Step 8 has many principles for us to learn, but they aren’t always obvious from the beginning. Approaching this step different from she has in the past, Amy begins the discussion on Step 8 with understanding how we work it in our lives. She then shares the three principles she learned FROM working this step,…

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