Episode 075: Mastering the Trauma Would with Candice Christiansen

Mastering the Trauma Wound with Candice Christiansen

Trauma can be complex and deep. It brings wounds into our lives that we try desperately to master. In an interview with Candice Christansen, Amy discusses the correlation between trauma and addiction, some of the ways we act out our trauma, and some of the tools we can use to work through and eventually master our trauma. You can learn more about Candice and the work she is doing by visiting www.namasteadvice.com.

Candice’s Workbook on Amazon

Friday Meditation with Candice (bottom of the page)


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  1. Lee

    Amy that’s was so great to preview candice and hear about trauma wounds! One of the reasons I love your podcast is that it covers real issues and a wide variety of them that I struggle with on my life. This is invaluable to me because of how it affect whst I do for my recovery and because I have to try and do that on a small and sometimes absent budget. ThanKS for all you do!

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