Episode 000: The “Why” Behind Worth Recovery

The “Why” Behind Worth Recovery

Episode 0 focuses on the purpose, mission and goal of Worth Recovery. Learn about Amy’s journey as a woman recovering from sex addiction and the big, BIG things we are going to do to support other women in recovery!


Worth Recovery exists so that every woman who wants to do the work it takes to recover can have access to the resources they need to lead the healthy and fulfilling lives they desire. Explore the website, attend an event, catch a podcast episode, join a coaching group, or share your story with us. Together, we recover! Join the mailing list and stay up to day with Worth Recovery.


  1. Becca S

    Thank you for this podcast. I needed to hear this today. I was feeling so lost and so frustrated about my recovery. I have been in SAA since 2014. I relapsed after a year of sobriety and ever since I have relapsed twice. I finally wanted to give up and have been so depressed but after a mixed meeting Thursday night, a women’s only Telemeeting last night and this podcast and time with my higher power, I will not give up. I know the steps work. And I know the fellowship is supportive if I reach out to them when I need them. Thanks again!

    1. recoveringamy

      Becca – I’m so glad you found us! Keep up the fight! There will be plenty of reasons to quit and feel discouraged. I know I relapsed and felt many times like I’d never get it right. But I kept at it! Don’t give up! You are Worth Recovery!

  2. heidi

    Just found the email ypu sent my group. happy to be listening!

  3. Addy

    I have no idea why people are talking about this and why they talk the way they do. I don’t know what sex addiction is. Can you explain? Are you just obsessed with sex and then you do something like have sex with someone and then feel guilty about it? What would you say to someone who isn’t a sex addict but used drugs and alcohol and abstains from sex all the time? Are they a closet sex addict? Why? What is helpful for a person here that they couldn’t find from another support group or 12 step program if they are not a sex addict?

  4. Christina

    Hello! How can I download this episode? I don’t see a link. Thanks!

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